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Jan. 9, 2018

Just SOLD in 3 days in Penderbrook, Fairfax VA

SOLD in 3 Days in Penderbrook, Fairfax VA

This house story begins in June. The seller listed this beautiful house with another agent and for 2 months he hasn't had a single offer.

Listing has expired and the seller wanted to rent or wait until Spring.

My team and I completed the total makeover and were able to sell this beautiful home in 3 days with 4 offers.

Check out the review and pictures.

Are you looking to sell your home in Penderbrook soon? Let me help.

To check out the current market value of your home click here or call/text 202-421-3439 or email me at

I am and long-term resident of Penderbrook and know the market well.


Penderbrook Fairfax VA homes for sale

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Nov. 21, 2017

Vienna VA - Real Estate Market Statistics

Real Estate Market Trend for October 2017:

  Condos Townhouse Single-Family House
Active 20 21 145
Under contract 8 8 49
SOLD 7 11 42
Average sale price $298,143 $573,081 $1,097,553
Average days on market 35 37 55


Neighorboods Close Price List Price Num of Bath Num of Bath Days on the Market
9480 VIRGINIA CENTER BLVD #313 365,000 365,000 2 2 40
9480 VIRGINIA CENTER BLVD #316 264,500 269,000 1 1 10
9480 VIRGINIA CENTER BLVD #419 282,500 290,000 1 1 64
411 BEULAH RD NE 1,739,916 1,708,677 7 6 -
512 NELSON DR NE 800,000 800,000 1 1 -
303 TAPAWINGO RD SE 1,737,500 1,799,000 7 5 253
314 AYITO RD SE 749,000 749,000 3 4 40
210 PARK TERRACE CT SE #58 175,000 151,000 1 1 14
216 LOCUST ST SE #127 242,000 245,000 1 2 24
8072 SEBON DR 439,900 439,900 2 2 27
8008 RESERVE WAY 740,000 759,000 4 3 21
8044 RESERVE WAY 710,000 735,000 3 3 49
9705 SPRING RIDGE LN 880,000 899,000 4 3 6
9715 SPRING RIDGE LN 929,000 899,000 4 3 5
1009 MOOREFIELD HILL GRV SW 571,000 576,500 4 3 5
804 TAPAWINGO RD SW 560,000 559,999 3 3 9
1713 PINE VALLEY DR 755,000 755,000 3 4 -
8525 TYSONS CT 782,000 790,000 3 5 14
9900 TIMMARK CT 1,135,000 1,195,000 5 5 27
2695 SALEM OAK LN 1,333,299 1,295,000 4 5 -
1006 COTTAGE ST SW 1,139,900 1,149,900 6 5 14
313 GEORGE ST SW 590,000 599,000 2 3 10
509 GIBSON DR SW 669,000 669,000 2 3 1
920 CIRCLE DR SE 1,414,000 1,450,000 6 6 94
118 BATTLE ST SW 1,425,000 1,425,000 5 5 53
214 ELM ST SW 728,000 695,000 2 3 7
104 OAKMONT CT NE 763,000 725,000 4 4 6
304 MASHIE DR SE 2,150,000 2,149,000 7 7 30
10120 WESTFORD DR 700,000 699,000 4 4 103
2204 ARYNESS DR 1,525,000 1,575,000 5 6 21
9874 PALACE GREEN WAY 1,220,000 1,250,000 6 5 37
9876 PALACE GREEN WAY 1,225,000 1,395,000 6 5 26
2726 GALLOWS RD #408 440,000 455,000 2 2 33
2726 GALLOWS RD #917 318,000 324,888 1 1 62
2106 HANEY LN 950,000 940,000 5 6 26
9110 CRICKLEWOOD CT 820,000 849,000 3 5 18
2003 ANNIES WAY 985,000 1,025,000 4 4 13
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Oct. 4, 2017

How a Realtor Can Save You Money

realtor can save you money

We live in the digital age, but that doesn’t mean that everything digital is automatically better! The fact is, there are plenty of things that are still much better off being in human hands. For example, I doubt you want a computer performing heart surgery on you if you needed it. Bad time for a power outage for sure, or a computer virus to take hold. Probably also wouldn’t want a digital lawyer. That might not play to a jury too well, unless the jury is made up of twelve other computers.

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Oct. 3, 2017

Best Ranked Northern VA City by Value

Northern Virginia Communities

Northern Virginia is home to many of the elite of the United States, therefore many of the more elite and affluent people of the free world reside throughout the region. The biggest reason for this is that that Northern Virginia is essentially Suburban Washington DC, meaning that it is where many who are part of the commerce and trade of the Nation’s Capital reside in Washington DC. From politicians and contractors to emissaries to government employees, many who make their living, which means usually a good living, inside the beltway choose to live and raise their families in the peaceful, beautiful, and tranquil nearby areas of Northern Virginia.

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July 13, 2017

Top 10 Restaurants to visit in Old Town, Alexandria

  1. The Wharf: Old Town is located right on the water, which is part of its charm. So you have to have some great seafood when in Old Town, right? While Old Town has no shortage of great seafood restaurants, The Wharf is perhaps the most famous, known the world over for its famous, delectable she crab soup. The menu is full of seafood delights, magical desserts, and great wines as well.

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July 2, 2017

Explore the Nature and Outdoor Activities at Ashburn Farm

 Ashburn Farm VA

Ashburn Farm is an affluent and beautiful community located in Virginia, Ashburn area. It’s a great place to live, full of professionals, executives and college students who bring life and elegance to the neighborhood. The quaint and elegant town homes that dominate the architecture style in Ashburn Farm’s Town Center area are worth the sight on their own, but the majestic natural venues and great outdoor activities in and around the community are really what makes Ashburn Farm shine.

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June 25, 2017

Why luxury meets affordability when buying Tysons Corner condos

Tysons Corner Luxury Condos

Tysons Corner is one of the most coveted areas to live in the DC area, in Northern Virginia, on the East Coast and in the entire United States. It is an urbanized suburb rife with activity, with a great school system, luxurious condos, homes and apartments and a great proximity to Washington DC itself. In fact, Tysons Corner has become the crossroads, where luxury and affordability meet, where white collar and blue collar residents live side by side, all living the high life at a price that they can afford. Here are a few examples of where affordability meets luxury in Tysons Corner:

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June 17, 2017

Top 5 reasons why Ashburn real estate is on the rise

ashburn va

  1. Welcome to the technology sector of Northern Virginia – Ashburn is known as the technology capitol of the East Coast. Many tech firms and tech contractors that do business with the US government and with federal justice and defense agencies operate in and around Ashburn, as its central location is great, as is its access to the defense and federal districts of the government.

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June 6, 2017

The 5 Best, Most Affordable Places to Eat in the DC Suburbs

Affordable Places to Eat in the DC Suburbs

Northern Virginia and the many magnificent suburbs of Washington D.C. are home to some of the most affluent, happiest people in the nation. The quality of living index in the region is a full 20 points plus higher than in most communities in the rest of the nation. Still, that doesn’t mean there are automatically great places to eat. St. Louis has its BBQ and Texas has its Tex-Mex, San Francisco has China Town and Baltimore has seafood and crabs.

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May 29, 2017

Most Popular Reasons People Move to Alexandria

Reasons to move in Alexandria

Alexandria, Virginia, with over 150,000 residents, is one of the most populous and popular suburbs of Washington DC, and for many good reasons. The city is peaceful, historic and aesthetically pleasing, plus it’s less than 20 minutes from the US capital. These are but a few of the many reasons that people buy or rent property in Alexandria. While the turnover rate in the small city is very low, it is still an incredibly great place to call home. Here are the most popular reasons that people move to Alexandria!

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