Best Places to Visit in the DC Suburbs
By Viktar Kutsevich August 27, 2020

While Washington DC is the definition of a Metropolis, hustle and bustle and 24/7 activity and endless lines of visitors and people, there is an awful lot to do around the nation’s capital as well. The DC suburbs are filled with historic sites, places to visit, and endless activities for the many who visit and the millions who live in the area to see and do. The people who enjoy living in the peaceful suburbs of Washington certainly have their choice of things to do and of places that they can visit. Here is a list of great places to visit around Washington DC, for anyone who lives in the area or for those who are just visiting.

Washington Wine Academy – Why just visit a vineyard when you can visit a wine academy? This wine school is ranked as one of the top five wine schools in the entire nation. Visit the campus and aside from tasting some of the finest wine and cheese dishes in the land, see how connoisseurs and masters learn the fine nuances of their craft from some of the greatest experts in the world.

The National Harbor – Enjoy the history and a carnival atmosphere all at the same time! Located along the picturesque Potomac River, the National Harbor boasts a boardwalk with rides, shops, cafes and eateries, and even a huge new casino. Paddleboat in the harbor or simply enjoy a sunset with that special loved one over a drink overlooking the water.

Go to a Washington Caps Hockey Game, A Wizards game, a Redskins game or a Nationals game – Pick your poison, whatever your sport may be; DC has the team for you. Do you like pigskin? The NFL’s Redskins in Raljon have 8 home games a year and 2 pre-season games. MLB? Then here come the Nationals. To round out all the major sports, there are the Washington Wizards in the NBA and the Capitals in the NHL!

Potomac Heights Scenic Trail – Once again enjoy the beauty and grandeur of the magnificent Potomac River and the scenery that surrounds the river as you hike along the Potomac Heights Scenic Trail. The air is fresh, the scenery is unique and open, and yet you are but a stone’s throw from the nation’s capital as you explore the trails around the Potomac in Arlington, Virginia.

George Washington Masonic Temple – Located only ten miles away from DC itself, this historic site is a must for any tour of sites around the nation’s capital. This historic temple, like the man it is dedicated to, has it all, a library, a museum, even a performing arts center and it is open 7 days a week so you can visit it whenever you like. There’s always something to see or do at the George Washington Masonic Temple!

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