Homes for Sale near Douglas Macarthur Elementary School
By Viktar Kutsevich November 20, 2020

Homes for Sale near Douglas Macarthur Elementary School, Alexandria VA


Douglas MacArthur Elementary is a public school in Alexandria, Virginia which excels in diversity and student-teacher relations. The school boasts of 716 students enrolled in grades PK to K-5 and the current student to teacher ratio stands at 18:1. The teachers are quick to seek out the students who need extra attention to achieve their goals, and they have great relationships with the students. The counseling program allows the students to air their concerns without worry of backlash and this emotional support enables them to tackle challenging situations with ease. The administration has also made provisions for extracurricular activities that help the students work on their various abilities as well as work on their life skills including leadership and teamwork. The community and the parents come in to offer guidance to the learners as well as to take part in the many social events in the school.

Through all these efforts, the students can post good grades, with state test scores showing that 71% of the students are good in math while another 75% excel in reading. In diversity, this school ranks among the first fifth, owing to the racial and economic inclusion in play in the institution. Of the 716 students in the school, at least 36% are eligible for free or reduced lunch.

Alexandria provides an ideal place to live in as your child attends this fantastic school. The houses go for about $540,000 with a median rent of $1,700. The urban feel is excellent for your kids who can interact with other children as they enjoy the many amenities in the neighborhood.

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