Homes for Sale near Lyles-Crouch Elementary School, Alexandria VA
By Viktar Kutsevich November 20, 2020

Homes for Sale near Lyles-Crouch Elementary School, Alexandria VA


Lyles Crouch Elementary school is a public magnet school that currently ranks 146th in the best elementary schools in Virginia. This high rated school located in Alexandria has 438 students enrolled in grades PK through to K-5, enabling you to give your child an early start on the strong foundation which this school provides to its learners. The teacher to student ratio is 1:15 at present, a proportion that allows the teachers to zero in on the student needs while giving extra attention to those who need it. All this care has enabled the students to reach their potential, with at least 92% of the enrolled students excelling in reading and math.

The community and the parents play their part in the school activities by volunteering where they can through encouraging the students and the staff. They also feature in tons of social events for the school where they impart values in the students. The administration provides the necessary resources to help the learners better enjoy the institution and is quick to make changes where appropriate.

The school ranks high in diversity, currently being among the first quarter in all the schools in Virginia. This ranking is attributable to the efforts of the administration to have more students from different cultures while being racially and economically inclusive. Of the 438 students in the school, 22% are eligible for free or reduced lunch.

Alexandria exudes a lovely urban atmosphere which is great for families. Houses in the area go for about $540,000, which is quite a good investment once you see the expected returns over the years.

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