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By Viktar Kutsevich March 12, 2020


When you are looking for a place to live that is going to give you a picturesque quality of life in combination with a modern, close-knit and involved board of community members, there are not a lot of names that are going to make that list, mostly because putting all of these together and trying to get the right answer from it all is a lot harder than it looks. Luckily, there is one name that comes to mind and helps you to see that quality living is, indeed, possible: Penderbrook.
This in a community that was created in 1989 to provide quality living to the 1776 homes that were constructed and maintained using the Penderbrook Community Master Association, or, the PCA. This authoritative community board was responsible for making sure that the land bays, the areas within the town limits, were prioritized for residential living and having all of the top services and other must-haves available to them.

Throughout the years that followed, these important tasks were upheld, and today the community vision still remains quite the same, even all of these years later. Community live stays as the center of Penderbrook and it serves as a role model for a lot of similar towns in the area. It has worked hard to keep this way of life going so successfully for its inhabitants, a lot of which comes from good planning back in 1989, and additionally having the right board of people who focused correctly on keeping Penderbrook an accessible and comfortable place to live.

The layout of Penderbrook was carefully designed and put into action, leading to a final result that was architecturally sound and pleasing both to the aesthetic-based eye as well as the modern homeowner looking for the right place to raise a family with all of the most important things on hand. This is, actually, part of what went into the design of Penderbrook, the philosophy being: “..the more we enhance the special character and amenities of Penderbrook to differentiate us from other choices, the better our changes to add value to our properties.” This is still very much true today with the older and newer homeowners and residents.

One of the best achievements of the community as a whole was to carefully commission and provide a “Vision 2000 Committee”. As the name suggests, this is a group of proactive and modern people who are able to take a look at all of the proposed changes in Penderbrook and determine which ones are going to benefit the community in improvement or creation, depending on the situation. One example includes the Art Fitness Center building, which was properly upgraded and modernized with no particular assessment or increase. It was simply done with the people of Penderbrook in mind.

The town keeps up to date on what residents feel is important to have in their lives, including the use of green materials, and modern technology revolutions as they are released into the public to enhanced quality of life. This helps home maintenance possible for many that are looking to do it with new techniques and the best technology for the job. Old rules and policies are removed and replaced with bigger and better ones that serve a modern lifestyle.

Modernization occurs at the perfect rate for the residents. These are just a few examples of how Penderbrook allows its borders and its people to grow and change along with the times as needed in order to succeed: the integration of community lighting, benches, playgrounds and ball courts for all residents to enjoy. Fencing has been put in place to guarantee the safety of all residents in their lives, and is constantly upgraded to keep it up to date, and community-wide security for peace of mind. The newest transformation for Penderbrook residents is the WIFI access that allows modern life to flow in and create creature comforts for all who call it home.

Penderbrook residents can enjoy a weekly newsletter that keeps them up to date on all of the community’s biggest changes and tweaks from one week to the next. All relevant information packets about the community and its history throughout the years (including financial and government-based documents) has been digitalized and made available online for all those who are looking to have access to it whenever it is needed.

One of the biggest achievements of the board in Penderbrook includes the fact that it fights for what it believes in, and needs, always. The perfect example is the fight that went into saving our land from the West Ox Road, when it was widened. We established the fact that Penderbrook – the first of its kind – is a community parking district only, to keep commercial traffic off of our streets in terms of parking. We made sure that VDOT heard from us over the traffic lights when they were an issue that needed to be addressed, etc. The list goes on, but these make up the highlights of what we work on. It just shows you what community means to us in Penderbrook and that we are looking for in terms of our bright future.

I am so proud to be part of the team that works in professional real estate so that all those looking to join – or transform within – this modern and vibrant community have the power to do so with the right support at their sides. There has never been a better time for anyone to find a home within thin our limits, and if you are reading this and thinking and you will be able to find the perfect home with all of the must-haves on your list, than you aren’t alone.

Whether it’s the school district, the modern changes in our community, the fact that Penderbrook has always been dedicated to creating an enhanced quality of life – or a combination of all of these things – you are going to find the perfect home here.

With gratitude from your Real Estate Neighborhood specialist and Penderbrook resident – Viktar Kutsevich at Kutsevich Realty.

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