Alexandria (Del Ray), VA

Alexandria's Eclectic Piece of Americana

Homes and Condos for Sale in Del Ray, Alexandria VA

Del Ray is one of the nicest and most valuable communities in all of the United States, as the property values in the community are worth more than all but about 3% of the rest of the nation. For example, the average single home value is well over $750,000 apiece, and the average apartment rental price rings in at nearly $1800 per month. But there are many great reasons, aside from its great close knit community and its close proximity to Washington DC, that make Del Ray real estate so valuable.

Del Ray is a happy and healthy community, known for its offbeat stores and shops, record shops and American stores and Farmer's Markets, and its holistic medicine stores. Yes Holistic medicine and Earth sciences are a big, healthy deal in Del Ray. Main Street is dotted with wonderful eclectic shops, holistic stores and practitioners, and excellent cuisine. There is even an old style music hall on the North side of Del Ray. The community of Del Ray is a perfect, relaxing, nostalgic piece of Americana.