Falls Church (Greenway Downs), VA

An Affluent, Charming Park-Filled Community

Homes and Condos for Sale in Greenway Downs, Falls Church VA

Greenway Downs is an older community surrounded by lovely parks and charming homes, many built in the 1940s. Only minutes from downtown Falls Church, this neighborhood offers a diverse mix of older residents and young, wealthy families. It is an ideal area to raise children in and the nearby schools leave nothing to be desired. Commute to work is a breeze and most nearby amenities are accessible on foot, making Greenway Downs an ideal destination for quick and convenient travel.

Wealthy incomes for most citizens in Greenway Downs make the neighborhood a safe and reliable place to grow roots. Most residents take good care of their property, which means that property values tend to either go up or at least not depreciate over the years. The median real estate price in Greenway Downs is $502,320, while the average monthly rental price stands at $1,720. Residences in Greenway Downs are in high demand, as is evidenced by the very low 2.3% vacancy rate in the neighborhood. Close to work, retail, parks, businesses and most everything else, Greenway Downs is the place to call home for individuals and young families alike.